Zombies, Headshots and Your Personal Brand

The other day I wrote a blog about how, to support your personal brand, you should have a headshot ready in case someone needs it. A lot of people fuss over this, as they find fault with every picture ever taken of them.

Here’s a clue: The picture doesn’t have to be perfect, as it can easily be retouched. There are many services these days on the web that can help you get rid of a little blemish, eliminate redeye, whiten up your teeth a bit or change your background if necessary.

I’m not talking about dramatically altering how you look, (although that is possible with these websites). I’m just talking about making some slight changes so that a photo is best suited for the purposes for which you need it.

To illustrate this point, my very accommodating client, Boyd Comfort, agreed to allow me to show you what we did.  In this particular case, it didn’t need to be absolutely perfect.  We were under a very tight time crunch and needed something that would be “acceptable” within a matter of hours.

First, we had someone take a picture of him using their phone. The quality was good, and the lighting was good. Although he wasn’t wearing a suit, he didn’t really need the suit for the business and industry he serves. There were just a few things that we needed to change. In order to use this headshot for the media, we tweaked just a few things with the picture.

boyd-comfort1     Personal Branding Headshot

You’ll see that I took a line out of the wall right behind him, and I got rid of a logo and a zipper on his sweater that detracted from looking at his face. With these types of services, you can go crazy with airbrushing, spray tanning, whitening and otherwise altering any picture, but in this case, all I did was lighten up a little under his eyes. That was enough! With just a few changes, you can take a photo that completely doesn’t work, and make it so that it’s good enough to use.

All of these changes were altered on . It’s a great resource that I use a LOT. is another one that I know a lot of people use.  If you need a resource like this, I recommend you check it out!

… Plus, since it’s Halloween, I zombie’d Boyd up just so you could see what a Halloween headshot might look like.


So there’s no excuse for having a bad headshot. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and anyone can use it.  Get your headshot done today!

Oh and happy Halloween!

Thanks again to client Boyd Comfort of Gasket Engineering for being so willing to be the subject of this blog.

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