Public relations (PR), social media and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand-in-hand. PR is a much older marketing discipline, while SEO has only just blossomed in the past 7 years or so. There is overlap because the underlying outcome of PR feeds into Google’s algorithm. Google rates more highly those organizations that have a lot of social credibility attached to them, the kind of credibility that comes from public relations.

The modern PR landscape is complex and no longer comprised solely of mainstream media. Today’s dynamic media environment also encompasses social media, online news publications and blogs among other online platforms. Media influencers now include bloggers and other content creators who have the ability to share your story with those who matter most to you and your brand.

Beacon Marketing helps clients navigate this complex framework through its PR efforts, and one of the first activities is building the right TARGETED media list.  It’s important to take the extra time upfront to ensure that the right people are getting your message, as those are the people who will respond.

The following is an explanation on how we build the lists:

Media Lists

Typically when pitching the media, we work with a broad yet targeted list that is local and national in scope. Media lists are built keeping several things in mind, a) overall quality b) relevance and c) domain authority

a) Overall Quality

The overall look, reach and interaction of the publications are taken into account to ensure it is a reputable, quality outlet.

b) Relevance

The lists are targeted to include outlets that cover topics of relevance to your industry. In your case, such topics may include Lifestyle, Architecture & Design, Real Estate, Building, News etc.

c) Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. When you are featured in sites with high Domain Authorities, your Website will perform better in the search engines and draw increased traffic to your site. Anything above 50 is considered excellent and the higher the better. Anything between 40 and 50 is solid and publications in the 30s are still acceptable but less influential (still considered good by Google).

If you would like to get more exposure for your business or are ready to turbocharge your SEO efforts, consider working with our media team.
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