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A Simple Question From a Personal Branding Expert: Are You Ready For Success?

As a personal branding expert, it’s my job to make sure that my clients are positioning themselves for success in every business situation, so when I see missed opportunities to strengthen one’s brand, it drives me crazy. Here are two examples:

#1: One of our clients agreed to have a press release sent out about the innovations they were bringing to their industry… we had done some media outreach on their behalf and the local business journal requested an interview with the client. As a personal branding expert, I was happy for my client.  Exposure is always a good thing!  However, as a part of this, they needed a headshot to run in the publication as well. The timeframe was imminent because the reporter was on a tight deadline.

The interview was quickly set up, but there was no suitable headshot that could be sent. We tried to fix an existing family photo that he had, cropping out his family and trying to retouch out a child’s head to make it suitable for a business publication. But that photo ended up being too small. In the end, we had the client take another picture that was more suitable for the publication.

#2: I was having a really interesting conversation with a woman at a pre-tradeshow breakfast. She was intelligent and engaging and during the course of the conversation, we determined that it would be beneficial for us to connect after the trade show. I offered my business card and asked for hers. She sheepishly admitted that she didn’t have any.

If you don’t have a personal branding expert looking out for you, then listen to me. People, please! Be poised for success! Be ready for success so you don’t miss it when the opportunity comes!

Here are a few of what every personal branding expert would consider basic business necessities:

  • Have a headshot available for any need
  • Carry a stack of business cards
  • Have a one sentence bio statement that recaps your career, your area of interest or your background
  • Establish a social media presence. Even if you don’t want to tweet every day, you need to realize that this is how some people like to connect with you. Be there.

Be prepared and watch your authority and your thought leadership grow!



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