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A Cookie Cutter Newsletter Doesn’t Build Your Brand

Before the principals of McCaffrey Health Center began working with Beacon Marketing, they had been paying a service to have some generic content delivered to their database. While there was some branding associated with this, the generic content focused solely on weight loss, and because this was a standard service used widely within the industry, that same content was delivered to many of McCaffrey Health Center’s competitors as well.

Beacon Marketing understands the importance of strong branding and focused content that highlights the broad scope of a company’s offerings, and for McCaffrey Health Center, this meant highlighting more than just weight-loss and creating content specifically for McCaffrey Health Center.

Rahna Barthelmess explains, “During our comprehensive brand audit, we identified several areas of expertise that we felt should be highlighted. We then set a calendar for content generation that would feature those different areas in a variety of manners. For example, by highlighting the McCaffrey Health Center’s detoxification program one week, explaining how acupuncture can help with chronic, degenerative diseases and writing success stories for chiropractic care and weight loss, readers of The Healthy Shamrock gain a complete understanding of all the services that McCaffrey Health Center has to offer its patients.

Because Dr. McCaffrey identifies strongly with his Irish heritage, Irish iconography appears prominently in visual presentation across the company’s branding. We brainstormed many names and landed on The Healthy Shamrock as a winning title for the newsletter. The masthead and branded newsletter was graphically designed to align with the visual look of the website for stronger brand continuity.

The structure of the newsletter allows for consistency from week to week and also offers enough flexibility to include promotional messages, such as product specials, event notifications, charitable activities, etc., in addition to the main content.

By providing compelling, strategically-focused content that highlights the accomplishments of the company while inspiring their patients to better health, McCaffrey Health Center’s The Healthy Shamrock has been able to enjoy sustained open rates of 30-45% and an average click-through rate of over 6%. “The newsletter has been a home run,” said Ellen Mughal, Vice-President of Marketing & Business Planning for McCaffrey Health Center. It’s easy to offer to our customers, and they comment about the great content when they come into our offices.  We love that it provides a platform to deliver strong branded content every week that has expanded the way we communicate our message to our patients.”