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Looking for a Marketing Automation Agency to Help Nurture Leads?

If you are looking for a marketing automation agency to help take your marketing efforts to the next level, let us help you! Our COMPASS Marketing Automation System is a cost-effective suite of tools that brings together sophisticated CRM & Database management with digital marketing automation systems to streamline both sales and marketing activity.  On the marketing side, these marketing automation systems allow you to see what’s working and what’s not and on the sales side, COMPASS marketing automation systems help you identify and focus on your hottest leads. You always have a marketing automation expert to provide both strategic and executional guidance for the myriad sales and marketing tasks the system can handle!

By tying your marketing analytics to your sales monitoring and activity, your dedicated marketing automation expert can help identify what kinds of content your best prospects are consuming.  What do they value? What is not as interesting to them? Having a marketing automation agency to provide the answers to these questions in real-time allows the marketing automation expert to analyze and refine your marketing efforts for the best ROI.

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benefits of Beacon Marketing’s COMPASS Marketing Automation Agency System:

  • Takes the guesswork out of identifying which initiatives are generating leads and sales.

  • Helps focus on the leads that are sales-ready

  • Shortens the buying cycle and improves sales rates

  • Identify anonymous website visitors

  • Track lead behavior and activity

  • Deliver behavior-based messages and content to nurture leads

  • Collect real-time analytical data

  • Track and optimise marketing ROI

A Full-Service Marketing Automation Agency

You need a marketing automation agency that provides comprehensive services at a steady, predictable cost-effective price. Beacon Marketing’s COMPASS Marketing Automation System provides the following major elements:

  • Marketing automation expert to guide activity and analysis
  • Email marketing platform for newsletters and other customer communications
  • Automated email marketing campaigns & workflows
  • 24/7 website monitoring identifies site visitors and analyzes individual page performance
  • Landing Pages, Forms and Calls to Action (CTAs) tied to database tracking systems
  • User-friendly CRM and database management systems
  • Versatile lead scoring systems to focus sales efforts
  • Endless list segmentation possibilities
  • Complete campaign development and monitoring systems
  • Social media and digital campaign tie-ins

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