Newsletter Case Study


For Shelter Works, a manufacturer of premium composite fiberglass field equipment shelters, Beacon Marketing designed, developed, and continues to write and publish monthly newsletter (complete with articles and videos)  for company database in order to build brand awareness and educate clients on strongest company points of differentiation


Database Growth Rate
over 4 years


Shelter Works was looking for ways to grow sales and build awareness of the high-quality products that they manufacture. Many customers were unaware of Shelter Works capabilities and why their products were so exceptional.  Fiberglass shelters are not the standard equipment protection specified in many industries. For those who did specify a Shelter Works building, they were highly pleased with the final product and its performance over time.

The company was looking for ways to grow sales but did not have a depth of testimonials from customers. Beacon Marketing recommended and worked with senior management to activate a strong inbound content marketing driven strategy to support more traditional sales efforts.

This program needed to maximize exposure and awareness without spending millions of dollars. Fiscal prudence was needed.

# of Newsletter Subscribers



We designed, developed, wrote and published a monthly newsletter (complete with articles and videos) for the company’s database in order to build brand awareness and educate clients on the company’s strongest points of differentiation.  We launched “Inside The Shelter, a company newsletter that included:

  • Client success stories
  • ‘Ask Tracy’ videos that outlined specific features and benefits of the shelters
  • Articles that showcased the company’s competitive advantages and how Shelter Works could solve customer challenges.


The results have been phenomenal, with these (and other) efforts contributing to an overall growth rate of 62% over three years.  Specific newsletter stats are as follows:

  • Click Thru Rates 56% higher than industry average
  • Click Thru Rates 1.5x higher than industry average
  • Open Rates 35% higher than industry average
  • 1541% database growth rate

Smart entrepreneurs hire smart people. We saw very quickly the power of the content marketing that Beacon Marketing helped us generate, and we are glad that we hired them. Creating videos allows us to communicate more than just product information.  It’s a vehicle that nurtures strong relationships and conveys the unique culture of our company to our customers. It has had a measurable impact on our overall business.

We have benefitted in so many ways from the content that Beacon Marketing has created for us.  We knew we had a great product and delivered a great customer experience, but now we have tangible ways to communicate that value to our customers on an on-going basis.