Is Your Business Suffering From The Changes On Facebook?

Maybe It’s Time For A Change.

If you’ve built your business solely through Facebook, it may be time to diversify.

Over the past ten years, many businesses have been able to reach their target audience and gain massive exposure for their brands via Facebook, but the social media giant has introduced recent changes to their algorithm that will affect what people see most often in their newsfeed. This update, dubbed the “Friends & Family” update, is now structured in such a way as to prioritize content from friends and family and de-emphasize content from publishers and brands.

Here are some particulars about the update:

  • Facebook will show more posts from friends and less from brands and companies. The purpose, according to Facebook, is to minimize passive content so that users have a richer experience on the site. The net effect for viewers will be fewer posts from businesses and brands.
  • The content with the most engagement will be shown more. This has been the case up until now, but the new algorithm will be stricter.
  • This is not good news for companies that make their money from Facebook posts, such as bloggers and social media influencers who get paid to promote specific brands or products. These companies have relied on Facebook for organic traffic, but that will now be de-emphasized, and some companies may not survive the change.
  • In a report by AdWeek – One company saw engagement drop from 14K the week before the change to just 500. Another company saw its engagement drop in half (from a regular audience of 1,000 to only 500 after the change).
  • Many are saying that this change simply pushes companies and brands to buy more Facebook advertising because the algorithm will not help them gain traffic.  With this change, if you want reach on Facebook, you’ll have two choices:
    • Pay for it
    • Have content that is so compelling that it gets shared (a lot); this will overcome the algorithm’s de-emphasis on branded, digital publisher content

So if you are having trouble garnering strong reach for your Facebook posts, it could be because of the new algorithm. Media companies who have relied too heavily on Facebook for their content distribution are definitely struggling.  One company, Little Things, has already gone out of business as a result of this change. If Facebook comprises your entire marketing strategy, you should rethink that strategy.

At Beacon Marketing, we have taken brands that have relied solely on Facebook for their exposure and helped them realize the benefit of broadening their digital marketing activities to include other smart digital marketing levers such as email, strong search-engine-optimized website content and digital PR.

If you are heavily reliant on Facebook, remember that the big change is reach; however, engagement can be more important. In fact, before “social media” was termed “social media,” it was called “customer engagement.” If brands focus on engaging their followers with the content they post, then they should still see support for their business, and their audience will be more interested too.

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