Outrageous Innovative Thinking

If you want to be innovative and grow your brand in a big way, you need to have the confidence and the  arrogance to THINK BIG. Give yourself (and your team) permission to dream, to be expansive, to go all out during the ideation phase.

Look at the image in this blog and (just like the guy in the picture) ask yourself, “Why not?”

Throughout history, the people who are game changers ask themselves this question. Steve Jobs said, “Let’s make a dent in the universe.” He had the arrogance to think big, to not be limited by any boundaries and to dream beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations.

If you have a branding or business challenge that you’re trying to innovate around, think big!

Get crazy!

Ask yourself, “If I were going to imagine the most crazy, far out, amazing outcome, what would that be?” By allowing yourself to be outrageous, you will find that you’ll come up with unusual, innovative solutions.

Brainstorming can be focused around many different aspects of a business, an opportunity or a business challenge, and “outrageous innovative thinking” is just another thought process to help you develop breakthrough ideas.  As is true in all brainstorming, in the beginning, you can’t allow your practical brain to shut down ideas. In the beginning of brainstorming concepts, there should be no filtering! Every idea is a viable idea.  This is necessary because that crazy, outrageous, “completely impossible” idea may cause you (or someone on your team) to think of an idea that IS doable and incredibly possible (but still a breakthrough idea). It is very possible that in the end, you may circle back to something more modest, but you might not start that way.

You and your team members might eventually say, “Well, we can’t do that but we could do this one little piece“… and that will lead you to some innovation, some new thinking and perhaps something new for your business.

To begin, think big.


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