Love Letter from a Client

Recently, I got an email from one of my private clients that made my heart sing. This was not a normal “testimony” from a satisfied customer. This was much more raw and heartfelt and touching. I don’t think it’s right to share his identity–the sentiment is so personal that I think it is best left anonymous…but I do think it is worth sharing.

You see, he is responding to the benefit he is getting from our work together, but more than that, he is responding to my foundational belief that we all have amazing, magical talents to share, that those gifts are not added to you but brought out of you (that they are inherent in you ALREADY, just waiting to be discovered, activated, nurtured and spotlighted).

If you are feeling battered and bruised, beaten down by crappy work, vicious colleagues, mind-numbing circumstances, or an endless stream of disappointments, then you need to be reminded of how magnificent your brand is. You do have gifts to give; you just need to discover what they are. My personal brand allows me to see the gold in others and find ways to best highlight that to others. What’s yours?

Here’s the email my client sent:

Client valentine      P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!


I had the privilege of speaking at last week’s St. Louis Business Journal Women’s Confidence Conference as a panelist. The topic was Confidence in Branding (You) and the conversation was GREAT!!

The whole day was fantastic and so many ideas were shared. The keynote speaker was Claire Shipman, a Senior National Correspondent on ABC’s Good Morning America and one of the co-authors of The Confidence Code.

Find out what I learned from Claire by watching this video:

Personal Branding and Story Selling

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big believer in using stories to build your brand. Today, I am guest blogger to Aprille Jane’s Bolder Business blog. You can read the full story here.

What’s your story?

Branding Through Ideas

My focus is on personal branding, but the strategies I use come from the corporate marketing world. So I often get inspiration about how to help people build their personal brand by looking at what corporate brand managers are doing. This year’s Super Bowl afforded plenty of inspiration.

The commercials that made the biggest buzz in my house were those that put forth an idea—a concept that the advertiser believes is an integral part of their brand:

  • Coke makes people happy
  • McDonald’s is spreadin’ the love
  • Always wants to empower young women and change world perceptions about what it means to #ThrowLikeaGirl
  • Carnival wants us to return to our origins, tapping in to John F. Kennedy’s speech that tells us that “we are part of the sea”

Brand managers need to maximize their Super Bowl ad spend. Espousing an idea is much more compelling and enduring than merely pushing the product. If the idea resonates with us, the associated brand will resonate as well.

You can view all of the Super Bowl ads here:

So what ideas would you put forth? If you had to make a commercial that conveyed your personal brand in a way that showed you as a champion of an idea, what would that idea be? What would you espouse?

Leave your comments below and let me know.

Confidence in Branding (You)

I spent a great day with 1200 amazing women at the St. Louis Business Journal’s 10th Annual Women’s Conference. If you have an opportunity to go to the conference in your area hosted by the business journal in your area, I highly recommend that you attend. You’ll learn great information and connect with top business people in your area.

I an expert speaker on a branding panel about (of course) personal branding. The other panelists were:

  • Phyllis Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer for Express Scripts
  • Gail Taylor, Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing for Energizer
  • Tessa Rolufs Trelz, a partner at the law firm Armstrong Teasdale and leader of their Corporate Services practice group.

The staff at the St. Louis Business Journal wrote about this great exchange of ideas, which you can read here: Personal Branding Panel

Come Learn How to be Bold at the 8th Annual Book Marketing Conference

This week30-Day Podcasting Challenge I am happy to be a featured guest to help launch the 8th Annual Book Marketing Conference, a conference that brings together authors from around the globe. D’vorah interviewed me for an hour about the value of personal branding (which you can listen in to here); in addition, I wrote a blog post as well (which you can read here).

This year’s conference, run jointly by D’vorah Lansky (founder of the conference) and Doug Foresta, features a 30-Day Podcasting Challenge for authors and entrepreneurs. I strongly urge you to join the Challenge (you can sign up here at the Silver Level for FREE!), because podcasting is a great way to express your personal brand. Podcasting is getting more and more popular all the time, and you can get involved either as a guest on someone else’s podcast or start your own.

The tips and techniques that Doug and D’vorah are covering in this Challenge closely relate to how you can express your brand more thoroughly, so go get your free pass and learn how you can broadcast your brand more broadly and influence tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people

Here’s to your branding success!

Recommitting (Already!) to Your Goals

Have you settled into 2015 yet?

We’re halfway through January and by now, most people are well on their way to adding new skills, breaking bad habits and building new habits. Maybe you have just started to take tangible steps toward your goals, or perhaps you have completely given up on your New Year’s resolution.

I hope you haven’t given up, but even if you have, I’d like to inspire you to take a moment to recommit to your goals. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in a constant state of planning, but one of the exercises I did at the end of the year was to take a few minutes to think about my “why.” Why am I doing what I’m doing (beyond the obvious “to provide for my family”)? Here are a few answers I wrote down:

  • To help others see how great they are
  • To eliminate self-doubt and self-condemnation in the world
  • To obliterate low self-esteem in the world
  • To empower people to be their best, deliver their best, and share their best with others
  • To help people do more

I asked myself, “Why am I so passionate about personal branding?” As I wrote, I experienced a new groundswell of inspiration–to help people see their genius, to leverage their unique talents so they can have a greater impact on their world.

I’ve seen too many people who don’t value what they are, and I’m determined to stop that behavior and help people discover their personal brand.

Realize that you are amazing and have awesome contributions to make to the world. Stop being so dismissive of your own genius!

(See? I just get carried away when I start to think about it….)

Now, I’d like to invite you to take a moment to think again about whatever goals you identified for 2015.

Why are those your goals?

Reconnect with your “why” and take a few moments to WRITE THAT DOWN! I know you have a million things to do, but spending just 20 minutes of quiet time with this will help you focus on what’s important (and what’s not) and will propel you forward towards the realization of your dreams.

I’d love to hear your answers so if you’d like to share, please post them in the comments below.

As always, here’s to your branding success!

Happy New Year!

newyearHappy New Year! I hope you’ve had a great holiday season filled with family, friends, and rest! Welcome to 2015! Now is the time to jump into action, to build momentum for achieving your goals.

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes we falter after just a few days of trying….but not you. Not this year. This is going to be YOUR year. Let’s get goin’–let’s do it!