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What Does Your Website Say About You?

If you are an entrepreneur, most likely you have a website. If you are in the corporate world, you may maintain a blog that expresses your personal brand. But what is it saying about you? Today I am pleased to host guest blogger Donna Fitch, who is a digital marketing specialist and CEO of Maximum […]

Celebrate Your Milestones

What have you done right recently? Stop! Before you move on to the next task, congratulate yourself on what you’ve done so far. Take time to acknowledge and celebrate the major accomplishments in your life!

Personal Branding and #AlexFromTarget

One of the key qualities of a good brand manager or marketer is to be “opportunistic.” When something strikes the fancy of your target audience, you need to honor that and “go with it.” In personal branding, you need to take advantage of opportunities as they come along, no matter how weird or random they […]

Personal Branding As It Relates to Authors

  Today we are going over to D’vorah Lansky’s BookMarketingMadeEasy blog to talk about why authors need to care about personal branding. D’vorah is an expert in book marketing and has been catering to the author community for more than 8 years! Click here to check it out!